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Smarock S10 Pro Mite Cleaner

Smarock S10 Pro Mite Cleaner

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Strong & Wide Suction

The 500W motor features high efficiency, strong suction, and great durability. With 500W power and 13KPa suction, Smarock S10 Pro provides you with deep and efficient cleaning. With a 230mm suction inlet, the S10 Pro cleaning machine lets you clean big furniture easily and effortlessly, such as big beds and long sofas.

Innovative Metal Brushroll

The brushroll consists of a metal body and silicone strips, delivering faster and stronger tapping. Constantly fast and strong taps easily remove dust mites from your mattress and well protect the mattress surface.

Original Dual Cups

Smarock S10 Pro contains 2 cups with one for filtration and another for dust storage. The original design of dual cups effectively separates dust mites and other allergens from air to achieve better air filtration and avoid filter clogging.

Smart Dust Mite Sensor

The intelligent sensor can calculate the dust mites in the environment with high precision and display the dust mite index and clean status to help you clean in a smart way. When your mattress is clean, the clean status light turns green.

99.9% Mite Removal

Smarock S10 Pro releases 253.7nm UV wavelength that can kill 99.99% of mites and bacteria deep in the mattress and generates ultrasonic waves to stop the reproduction of mites for a more thorough cleaning. To avoid harm to your eyes, the UV light will automatically turn off when the machine is lifted.

Multi-Directional Heating

The S10 Pro cleaner can heat to 55℃ to kill mites and dehumidify your mattress. The multi-directional heating design makes cleaning deeper and more thorough.

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