The Dust Mite Cleaning Master - Smarock S10 Pro

What are dust mites? Where do they hide?

Dust mites are microscopic spider-like creatures that live on dead skin cells shed from humans and pets. They thrive in warm and humid environments. Dust mites are nearly everywhere, like in mattresses, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc. Simply put, where there is dust, there are dust mites.

The Dust Mite Cleaning Master - Smarock S10 Pro

Why are dust mites so annoying?

These tiny pests are a pain for many people as they can cause allergies, such as asthma, rhinitis and itchy skin. However, it’s hard to get rid of these annoying pests by traditional cleaning styles as they can’t be seen directly without a microscope and they are well adapted to the indoor environment.

The Dust Mite Cleaning Master - Smarock S10 Pro

The dust mite cleaning master - Smarock S10 Pro

Without an effective mite cleaning tool, fighting against dust mites can be really frustrating. Fortunately, Smarock has made a breakthrough in mite cleaning and managed to create a professional mite cleaner - S10 Pro, which is more intelligent and efficient than traditional allergen cleaners.

Conventional allergen vacuums have low filtration efficiency. They have only one dust cup where filtration and dust storage are proceeded together. The stored dust will be blown up every time they vacuum, and some dust may pass through the filtration system and back to the fabric. The single-cup design also results in a low durability of their filters. Their filters are prone to a decline in performance or even damage as dust accumulates and covers the filters.

Smarock has spared you the hassle of frequent filter changes with its original double-cup design. The Smarock S10 Pro contains 2 cups with one designed for filtration and the other for dust storage, effectively avoiding filter clogging and achieving better air filtration. The dual-cup design can not only improve filtration efficiency but also expand the capacity of dust storage.

The Dust Mite Cleaning Master - Smarock S10 Pro

Additionally, the dust cup has a patented spiral inlet that lets dust enter the cup faster and produces a cyclone to effectively separate air and particles. It can also prevent the dust from running out of the dust cup. Enhanced by the spiral inlet, the filtration efficiency is even higher.

To clean deeper, the S10 Pro is designed to be a multitasking cleaner. The elimination of dust mites is accomplished by 4 simultaneous procedures, including patting with the brushroll, disinfecting with UV light, repelling mites with ultrasound and dehumidifying with heat.

The S10 Pro comes with an innovative brushroll that consists of a metal body and silicone strips. Compared with traditional plastic brushrolls, it taps harder and faster - up to 12000 taps every minute. The strong and fast tapping helps to remove deep-seated dust and mites easily without damaging the fabric. With 500W motor power and 13KPa suction, dust and mites will be sucked into the machine once they are tapped onto the surface of the fabric.

The UV-C LED lamp features a 253.7mm UV wavelength that can destroy mite cells and kill 99% of mites and bacteria deep in the fabric. The S10 Pro emits ultrasonic waves that interfere with the nervous system of mites and effectively stop the reproduction of mites.

The Dust Mite Cleaning Master - Smarock S10 Pro

Mites can be destroyed at temperatures of 50℃ and above. To kill mites thoroughly, the S10 Pro produces 55℃ heat that flows in multiple directions. The heat can also dehumidify the fabric, making it a less preferable living place for dust mites.

Moreover, the S10 Pro is equipped with an intelligent dust mite sensor that calculates the dust mites in the environment with high precision. The real-time mite index and cleaning status are presented on the display so that you will know if it is clean enough. The cleaning status indicator remains red when the fabric is not clean enough and turns green when it is completely clean.

If you’re one of the victims who have been suffering from dust mites, take a look at the mite cleaning master - Smarock S10 Pro. Take one home and it will save you from dust mites and make you a healthier, more hygienic home.

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